Large Selenite Wand Crystal for Cleansing - 7" - 8"
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Large Raw Selenite Wand 8" Stick | Crystal for Cleansing Energy

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One large raw Selenite wand, each stick is around 7" to 8" long. These beautiful shimmering crystal wands are a great piece to add to your collection, or can be used for its metaphysical cleansing and healing properties. The long, bar-like shape of these Selenite stones are great for placing crystals on to cleanse, as well as holding in your hand to help cleanse the auric field.

Selenite Properties

Associated with the crown chakra - calming and peaceful stone - helps to purify other crystals - removes energy blocks - stone of truth and honesty - dispels negativity - cleansing of energetic feild

  • Stone - Selenite 
  • Color - Translucent white
  • Size - 7" - 8"


All crystals will be cleansed before being sent out to purify and is infused with positive energy

Do not leave in water, it will cause the stone to break down and dissolve

Your Selenite wand is ready to ship in 1-3 days and will arrive in gift packaging

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