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Welcome to Crystalline Dream!

Crystalline Dream is an online crystal and metaphysical shop featuring crystals, healing stones, crystal jewelry, accessories, and other items for spiritual growth and practice, collecting, or gift giving. In our shop you can find some of the Earth's most beautiful, unique, and natural one of a kind creations which inspire us to design pieces showcasing these semiprecious stones in many different selections and styles.

Crystals not only carry great beauty, but they can also be beneficial to our well-being. It is understood by the study of quantum physics that everything existing consists of energy. We believe that this energy can sometimes become stagnant or negative, which can cause blockages and disruptions in the natural flow and likely lead to emotional, mental, and physical issues within the body. Each stone in our shop carries specific metaphysical properties and intentions, meaning they emit a frequency and vibration that interact with the energetic field around us. Keeping your stone close by, wearing it as crystal jewelry or placing it in a space you will frequent often, can help the stone to better provide it's healing effects.

With our large selection, we suggest letting your intuition be your guide and choosing a healing crystal or stone that resonates with you immediately, meaning it has something to offer you vibrationally. All of our items are cruelty free, crafted with positive intention in mind, and we always cleanse our stones before being sent to you. Make sure to follow us on social media and join our email list for info on sales, new products, and giveaways!