Rose Quartz Crystals & Healing Stones

Discover the energy healing benefits of Rose Quartz crystal and shop stones in formations such as raw, polished pieces, spheres, points, carved stones, and crafted into crystal jewelry.

Rose Quartz stone appears in a beautiful shade of light pink and is strongly connected with the heart chakra the energy center for love, relationships, and compassion. This is a wonderful stone to work with in dealing with issues of self love, trust, and acceptance. Rose Quartz helps to open the heart to gently release and heal emotions, and promotes calmness to sooth internal pain. Connect with this crystal often when looking to attract love toward you, or in existing relationships, it will help instill harmony.

Rose Quartz Properties

  • Stone of unconditional love & peace 
  • Purifies & opens heart 
  • Brings deep inner healing
  • Enhances self love, self trust, & self worth 
  • Protects against negative energy