Onyx Crystals & Healing Stones

Shop our selection of black Onyx stones featured in crystal jewelry and carved stone figurines crafted from Mexican Onyx.

Onyx appears in various shades of color including black, red, blue, and yellow and is found throughout the world. Metaphysical benefits include being a stone of strength, providing comfort and support during times of stress, both mentally and physically. It can help bring attention to any area that needs healing and release of energy to bring balance back into the body. Onyx is a useful to add to your crystal collection if dealing with grief, anxiety, or difficult situations.

Onyx Properties

  • Promotes emotional strength
  • Supportive stone during difficult times 
  • Enhances vitality & stamina
  • Assists with wise decision making 
  • Heals old injuries & trauma effecting the present life 
  • Alleviates overwhelming fears & worries