Chakra Crystals | Stones for Chakra Healing & Alignment

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The human body is composed entirely of the energy of atoms vibrating at different frequencies, chakras being a part of this system. There are 7 main chakras, each a wheel of energy, representing a a specific frequency, color, and corresponding to certain organs and various parts of the body. These energy centers are located throughout the middle body that spans from the base of your spine to the top of your head. 
When the chakra system is out of alignment, the flow of energy is disrupted and may cause mental, physical, or emotional discomfort and dis-ease. When in balance you will feel energized, optimistic, peace, and general well-being. The Chakra crystals listed below may help in the realignment of these energies to restore balance. Just choose the chakra you would like to work on and try out the suggested stones for healing and alignment of these energy centers.