Mini Crystal Ball Necklace with Sterling Silver Chain
Small Crystal Ball Necklaces in Sterling Silver
Small Gemstone Ball Necklace
Mini Crystal Ball Necklaces in Sterling Silver
Crystal Ball Necklaces
Crystal Ball Necklace with Black Cord
Mini Crystal Ball Necklace in Sterling Silver
Mini Crystal Ball Necklace in Sterling Silver

Mini Crystal Ball Necklace in Sterling Silver

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Mini crystal ball necklace featuring a 10mm round stone bead in a variety of colorful stones. Each gemstone ball includes a Sterling Silver wire bail and suspends on your choice of material and length. 

Crystal Meanings

Red Jasper: Grounds energy - calms emotions - useful for stress & anxiety - absorbs negative energy - determination- courage - balances root chakra

CarnelianBrings grounding & high energy - increases motivation - stimulates creativity - assists in achievement of life goals - concentration & focus - courage & self trust - repels against envy, rage, & resentment - promotes positive emotions - opens sacral chakra

Tigers Eye:  Assists in accomplishing goals - protection -promotes clarity - heals issues of self worth, self criticism & blocked creativity - supports change - alleviates depression & lifts mood - integrity - willpower - personal strength

AventurineStone of positivity - prosperity - promotes compassion & empathy - stabilizes state of mind - enhances creativity - calms anger &   irritation - well being - activates heart chakra

AngeliteInner peace & serenity - open communication - relieves tension & stress - spiritual growth - intuition - protection - compassion - awareness - resonates w/ throat chakra

SodaliteStone brings emotional balance & can calm panic attacks -enhances self esteem, self acceptance, & self trust - great for group work, it brings trust & companionship - calms mind - stimulates release of old mental conditioning - creates space for new insights

Amethyst: Powerful & protective stone - can help improve sleep   quality - healing & cleansing - helps with addictions and   blockages of all kinds - promotes love & wisdom - increases intuition - Connected to third eye & crown chakra


  • Stone - Jasper, Carnelian, Tigers Eye, Aventurine, Angelite, Sodalite, Amethyst
  • Chain & Components - Sterling Silver, black cord
  • Color - Red, orange, golden brown, green blue, purple
  • Size - Pendant is 5/8"


All crystals will be cleansed before being sent out to purify and is infused with positive energy

Your mini crystal ball necklace is ready to ship in 1-3 days and will arrive in gift packaging

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