Garnet Crystals & Healing Stones

Discover the benefits of red Garnet crystals and shop stones in natural and raw form and crafted into crystal jewelry.This stone would make a wonderful addition to your crystal collection, or to use for it's healing properties and in meditation.

Red Garnet is a stone consisting of a beautiful deep burgundy color and is found worldwide. Metaphysically, this stone is connected to the heart and root chakras, though it can cleanse negative energy from all chakras. Garnet known for it's ability to open the heart to love and inspire passion and commitment in romantic relationships. It can also assist in opening the mind, to let go of old mental patterns and welcome new insights. In situations of dealing with trauma or crisis, it can aid in bringing courage, hope, and strength. 

Garnet Properties

  • Cleanses & balances energy
  • Inspires passion in romantic relationships
  • Promotes love & commitment
  • Opens heart
  • Brings self confidence
  • Calms anger