Malachite Crystals & Healing Stone Properties

Shop Malachite crystal in a variety of formations including raw, tumbled, spheres and featured in wearable crystal jewelry. Add this stone to your growing crystal collection or wear for it's energy healing benefits
Malachite is a stone noted for its beautiful shades of vibrant green and band like appearance and it found throughout the world in Europe, Africa, & Asia. Metaphysical properties of this stone include being a powerful stone of personal transformation. It will amplify both positive and negative emotions to understand your energetic blocks and assist in positive action to help achieve well-being in mind, body, and soul. Malachite is protective against negative energy, opens the heart for instilling more empathy and compassion within the self. 

Malachite Properties

  • Powerful stone of transformation 
  • Grounds spiritual energies onto planet 
  • Protection stone
  • Encourages risk taking & change
  • Enhances empathy