Obsidian Crystals & Healing Stones

Shop our selection of Obsidian crystals and stones in polished, points, carved figurines, and featured in wearable jewelry.

Obsidian is a stone formed from cooled molten lava and occurs in many varieties including mahogany, snowflake, rainbow, and black obsidian. It is a powerful healing stone that can assist in self growth and transformation, as it can bring negative emotions to the surface to be worked through and released. Due to the truth exposing nature of this stone, it is often used by therapists. Obsidian dissolves blockages within the energetic field, grounds energy to the earth, and provides protection against negativity and psychic attack. 

Obsidian Properties

  • Truth enhancing stone
  • Promotes self growth & strength
  • Eliminates energy blockages
  • Brings clarity to the mind 
  • Protection against negative energy