Jade Crystals & Healing Stones

Discover the energy healing benefits of Jade stone and shop crystals in raw form, polished, and crafted into crystal jewelry.

Jade, also known as Jadeite is most commonly a green colored stone, but appears in many shades including lavender, blue, white, pink, and red. Favored by many in the East, this popular stone is known for it's meaning of luck, wealth, harmony, and wisdom.  Jade is linked with the heart chakra and promotes feelings of love and serenity. Mentally, it allows for the release of negative thought patterns, and is calming to the mind. To gain the energy healing benefits of Jade, place this stone around your home or space, wear as crystal jewelry, use in meditation, or under your pillow as it is known for bringing insight to dreams.

Jade Properties

  • Symbol of purity, serenity, & wisdom 
  • Increases love & nurturing
  • Protective stone
  • Brings harmony 
  • Attracts good luck & friendship 
  • Releases negative thoughts