Calcite Crystals & Healing Stones

Shop our collection of Calcite Crystals and stones in raw, polished, and carved into animal figurines. 

Calcite is a stone of many colors including orange, green, blue, clear and black. Metaphysically, it is a stone of spiritual growth and connection to the higher self. Calcite cleanses negativity within the energy field and blockages within the body, promoting heightened energy to help with projects that require motivation and action. Mentally it is calming to the mind in times of stress or anxiety, and instills feelings peace and serenity in it's place.

Calcite Properties

  • Amplifies & cleanses energy 
  • Aids in spiritual development
  • Enhances motivation
  • Combats laziness 
  • Boosts memory & useful in study
  • Calming to the mind