Quartz Crystals & Healing Stones

Discover the benefits of Quartz Crystals and shop stones in formations such as raw points, clusters, polished, carved figurines, and featured in crystal jewelry.

Quartz is the most powerful all purpose healing stone as it has the ability to amplify any intention placed upon it. This stone will attune its vibration to that of the user, bringing the energy to a perfect state once again, before dis-ease. Quartz can help to remove energy blockages and balance the chakras. Mentally, Quartz increases focus and clarity, opens the mind, and increase spiritual intuition. To gain the most healing benefit from Quartz, program with your desired intention, use it in meditation, place it around your home, or wear as jewelry for constant contact.

Quartz Properties

  • Most powerful healing stone 
  • Amplifies intention placed on stone
  • Absorbs, releases, & balances energy 
  • Dissolves energetic blockages
  • Increases focus & concentration