Amethyst Crystals | Healing Stones & Jewelry

Shop our collection of purple Amethyst crystals and stones crafted into jewelry and natural formations such as raw, geodes, clusters, polished spheres, & points.

Amethyst is a very protective and spiritual stone that corresponds to the third eye chakra, the energy center for intuition. This stone is wonderful for cleansing and removing negative energy within our body and space. Those who suffer from stress or insomnia may also find this stone useflul as it promotes a calming energy, and can be placed by your bedside to promote restful sleep. For the most benefit, place Amethyst in your environment, or wear it as healing jewelry at the throat or heart in a crystal necklace.

Amethyst Properties

  • Protective stone 
  • Promotes love & wisdom
  • Enhances consciousness 
  • Blocks negative energy
  • Increases intuition
  • Calms overactive mind