Aventurine Crystals & Healing Stones

Shop our selection of green Aventurine crystals and stones in raw form, polished, carved into shapes like animals and hearts, and crafted into wearable crystal jewelry.

Aventurine is found throughout the world and is a stone of many colors including green, peach, blue, and red. Metaphysically, it is connected to the heart chakra, the center for love, compassion, and your connection to others and the self. This stone is associated with feelings of well-being, optimism, and manifestation of prosperity. Aventurine brings comfort and calm to emotions, and harmonizes energies within the body. To receive the most benefit from it's energy healing properties, wear Aventurine in a crystal necklace near the heart, sit quietly and meditate with it in the palm of your hand, carry this stone with you, or place in a space where you will connect with it often.

Aventurine Properties

  • Stone of positivity 
  • Promotes compassion & empathy 
  • Stabilizes state of mind 
  • Enhances creativity 
  • Calms anger & frustration