Citrine Crystals & Stones | Raw, Clusters, Polished, & Jewelry

Shop our selection of Citrine crystals and stones featured in raw clusters, polished, points, and crafted into crystal jewelry.

Citrine is variety of quartz most commonly appearing in shades of orange if heat treated, while natural Citrine crystals are light yellow, to brown in color. This is a stone of happiness, abundance, warmth, & protection. Promoting an energizing and uplifting vibration, Citrine can help to combat feelings of depression, fear, and negativity, replacing them with optimism and joy. It can also assist in attracting wealth, prosperity, success, and positive outcomes in life.

Citrine Properties

  • Powerful cleanser 
  • Highly energizing & creative  
  • Stone of abundance 
  • Enhances happiness & optimism
  • Raises self esteem & confidence