Rainbow Stone 7 Chakra Crystal Anklet
7 Chakra Crrystal Anklet - Chakra Healing Stones
7 Stone Chakra Crystal Anklet - Side
7 Stone Chakra Crystal Anklet - Top
7 Stone Chakra Crystal Anklet - Front

7 Chakra Crystal Anklet | Rainbow Crystal Healing Stone Ankle Bracelet

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Beautiful 7 Chakra Crystal anklet that includes stone chip beads in a rainbow of colors corresponding to each of the 7 Chakras. Each beaded stone ankle bracelet features hand selected gem chips that are strung on flexible wire and includes a Sterling Silver clasp closure. Wear chakra jewelry to benefit from each stone's energy healing properties or as a unique accessory piece from nature.


  • Stone - (1st) Root: Garnet
    (2nd) Sacral: Carnelian 
    (3rd) Solar Plexus: Citrine 
    (4th) Heart: Aventurine
    (5th) Throat: Aquamarine
    (6th) Third Eye: Amethyst
    (7th) Crown: Clear Quartz
  • Materials - Sterling Silver clasp, coated wire
  • Color - Multi-color rainbow 
  • Size - 9" - 10.5"


All crystals will be cleansed before being sent out to purify and is infused with positive intention.

Your 7 chakra crystal anklet will arrive in gift packaging.

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