Black Whit Stone Yin Yang Bracelet - Spiritual Crystal Yin Yang Bracelet
Crystal Yin Yang Stone Bracelet - Black and White Stone Beads
Yin Yang Bracelet - Black White Healing Stone Bracelet for Men
Crystal Yin Yang Bracelet | Symbolic & Spiritual Healing Stone Bracelet
Stone Yin Yang Bracelet

Crystal Yin Yang Bracelet | Symbolic & Spiritual Healing Stone Bracelet

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Symbolic and spiritual crystal Yin Yang bracelet featuring Onyx and Howlite stone beads which are strung on strong elastic in your choice of size from 6.5"- 7.5". This stone bracelet comes in two styles with gold or silver accent beads. Wear this as a beautiful jewelry piece from nature, as a symbol to remind us of the need for balance in life, to benefit from the stone's energy healing properties, or gift to a spiritual friend!

Properties & Symbolism

Yin Yang: The symbol of Yin and Yang represents opposite but complementary energies. It symbolizes energy balance, transformation, & unity. One side can not exist without the other, for example, light cannot exist without darkness.

Onyx  properties: Extremely calming stone - can help with insomnia due to overactive mind - patience - helps eliminate rage & uncontrolled anger - calming of turbulent emotions

Howlite properties: Strength - gives support in difficult or confusing times - promotes vigor & stamina - beneficial of past life work, heals old injuries & trauma that are effecting present life - alleviates overwhelming fears & worries


  • Stone - Howlite and Onyx
  • Color - Black and White
  • Size - Wrist size 6.5" - 7.5"


All stones will be cleansed before being sent out to purify and is infused with positive energy

Your crystal Yin Yang bracelet is ready to ship in 1-3 days and will arrive in gift packaging

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