Aquamarine Crystals & Stones

Shop our collection of blue Aquamarine crystals and stones crafted into jewelry and natural formations such as raw, polished, spheres, & other shapes.

Aquamarine carries a calming energy, which makes it wonderful for those suffering with stress and anxiety and those who need a boost in self confidence, trust, courage, and mental clarity. This stone corresponds to the throat chakra, the energy center for communication, self expression, and truth. For the most benefit, place Aquamarine in your environment, or wear it as healing jewelry at the throat or heart in a crystal necklace.

Aquamarine Properties

  • Stone of courage
  • Peaceful energy
  • Reduces stress & calms the mind
  • Reduces irritability
  • Opens Throat chakra
  • Purifying
  • Clear communication
  • Self expression
  • Increases intuition
  • Confidence
  • Mental clarity