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Shop our zodiac crystals for Aquarius collection to discover the best healing crystals, stones, and jewelry best suited for those born from January 20 - February 18, under the Aquarius astrology sign. Each sign is believed to carry attributed personality and emotional traits that may be positive and advantageous, or can be less favorable and hinder our personal growth.  

The zodiac sign Aquarius, also known as "The Water Bearer" is associated with the element of Air and planet of Uranus. Strengths include being creative, innovative, intellectual, open minded, friendly, and original. Traits that may be considered a weakness and could be improved upon are being difficult, unpredictable, detached, stubborn, insecure, and insensitive.

Each stone listed can be beneficial to an Aquarius and may help to both enhance the energy of your star sign and assist in working through the issues that you may face to promote awareness for healing. When we work through these blocks this creates a free flow of energy and encourages a greater sense of health and well-being.

The Best Zodiac Stones for Aquarius

Aquamarine | Amethyst | Fluorite | Labradorite