Druzy Jewelry | Crystal Necklaces & Bracelets w/ Druzy Stone

Our collection of Druzy jewelry features sparkling and iridescent Druzy stones in crystal necklaces and bracelets. We carry Druzies in all many shapes from teardrop, oval, round, and moon and in colors from.white, pink, blue, green, purple and titanium rainbow Druzy. Wear these gorgeous stones as a bright and beautiful statement necklace, as a crystal choker, or flashy bracelet, these make a unique accessory piece to add to your jewelry collection.

Druzy Properites

Druzy, or Drusy, is a grouping tiny crystal clusters that form across the surface of a stone, commonly on Quartz, Chalcedony, or Agate. These crystals are often clear to white colored, and sparkle and shimmer in appearance. Most of our Druzies are from quartz and are coated with metals or color to further enhance the look of the stone. Energy healing benefits of Quartz include being a powerful healing stone that will amplify any intention placed upon it. Use Quartz for any condition or manifestation you may currently need assistance with in your life.