Hematite Crystal Bracelet 6mm Stone Beaded Strech Bracelet
Hematite Crystal Bracelet
Hematite Stone Bracelet
Hematite Crystal Bracelet - 6mm Stone Beads
Hematite Bracelet

Hematite Crystal Bracelet - 6mm Stone Beads

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Metallic black Hematite crystal bracelet that has been hand crafted with 6mm round stone beads. This beaded stone bracelet is strung on durable stretchy elastic and will fit most wrists. Wear Hematite for this stone's energy healing properties, as a beautiful jewelry piece from nature, or give as a gift.

Hematite Properties

Grounding & protective stone - harmonizes mind, body, & soul - dissolves negativity - boosts self esteem & confidence - enhances will power - can help overcome compulsions & addictions - mentally stimulates concentration & focus


  • Stone - Hematite
  • Color - Black
  • Size - Approx 6 1/2 - 7.5"
  • Fit - Stretch elastic


All crystals will be cleansed before being sent out to purify and is infused with positive energy

Your Hematite crystal bracelet is ready to ship in 1-3 days and will arrive in gift packaging.

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