Crystal Hematite Ring - Black Stone Band
Black Hematite Rings
Crystal Hematite Ring | Black Stone Band
Black Stone Band Hematite Ring - On Model

Crystal Hematite Ring | Black Stone Band

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This shiny metallic black crystal hematite ring with a simple stone band style. This ring comes in a variety of sizes and is a perfect jewelry piece for both men and women. Wear this crystal ring for it's energy healing benefits or as a natural accessory piece.

Hematite Properties

Grounding & protective stone - associated w/ root chakra - harmonizes mind, body, & soul - dissolves negativity - boosts self esteem & confidence - enhances will power - can help overcome compulsions & addictions - mentally stimulates concentration & focus


  • Ring Material - Hematite
  • Color - Silver / Black
  • Size - 7/8 x 1/4" thick


Please note that these rings can be delicate and must be worn carefully to avoid any breakage

All crystals will be cleansed with sage before being sent out to purify and promote positive energy

Your crystal hematite ring is ready to ship within 1-3 days and will arrive in a small gift bag

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