Crystal Pumpkin Carving in Selenite Stone
Crystal Pumpkin Carving with Face Carved from Selenite Stone
Selenite Crystal Pumpkin Stone Carving | Halloween Crystal
Selenite Crystal Pumpkin Stone
Selenite Crystal Pumpkin Carving

Selenite Crystal Pumpkin Stone Carving | Halloween Crystal

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This listing is for one unique pumpkin carving crafted from Selenite stone. Each crystal pumpkin features a carved face, is polished and is a little over 2.5" inches in size. These would make a wonderful addition to any crystal collection or add to your Fall or Halloween decor. These can also be used for this stone's metaphysical properties by placing in a space you will frequent often. or using in a spiritual practice.

Selenite Properties

Calming and peaceful stone - helps to purify other crystals - removes energy blocks - stone of truth and honesty - dispels negativity - associated with the Crown Chakra - mental clarity - great for meditation and spiritual work


  • Stone - Selenite
  • Color - White translucent
  • Size - 2.5/8" X 2 3/8"
All crystals will be cleansed before being sent out to purify and is infused with positive energy 

Your crystal pumpkin carving is ready to ship within 1-3 days and will arrive in gift packaging.

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