Symbolic Spiritual Jewelry & Stones | Om, Lotus, Tree of Life, & Yin Yang

Shop our collection of spiritual symbol jewelry including Tree of Life, Om, Yin Yang, and Lotus crafted into crystal necklaces, bracelets, rings, & earrings, each representing a special intention and meaning.

Tree of Life - Rooting our physical presence to the Earth as the branches reach for the universe, symbolizing the interconnection between all beings. As above, so below.

Om - The cosmic vibration of the universe, the sound of creation and unification of all energy. Each part of this sacred symbol represents states of consciousness, the waking state, unconsciousness, dream state, illusion, and absolute state. The alignment of mind, body, and spirit.

Yin Yang - A symbol of harmony and balance, reminding us to embrace duality such as, masculine and feminine energy, dark and light, positive and negative, ebb and flow of life.

Lotus - The Lotus is a flower that rises and blooms from muddy water, symbolizing spiritual growth, and the rebirth of life through the darkness and overcoming of obstacles.