The Best Crystals for Sleep | 6 Stones for Bedtime Relaxation

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Crystals for Sleep

If you’re like most people you’ve had a few nights where you just can’t seem to fall asleep, or stay asleep, but did you know that some stones are a great natural sleeping aid? By using Crystals for sleep and insomnia issues, you can tap into the energetic properties of each stone's unique vibrational pattern, emitting frequencies that interact with your body's energy system.

Many times, stress may be the culprit keeping you awake, and by allowing the mind to slow down, the body will follow. Using stones that are grounding and align with the root chakra such as those with colors brown, black, and shades of red tend to be helpful. Crystals associated with the third eye and crown chakra may be too much for some and may cause intense dreams or have the opposite effect. Specific shapes that are ideal include rounded forms like spheres, tumbled stones, eggs, and chunks. Stones with sharp points and pyramids can amplify and focus too much energy and should be avoided too closely to your bed.

The Best Crystals for Sleep

The crystals listed below may help with promoting feelings of relaxation, calming, and clearing energy for the purpose of a peaceful night's rest. To gain the benefits, tuck one of these sleep stones into your pillow at night, beside you in bed, or on your nightstand to absorb all the the wonderful energy your crystal can provide. You can experiment with the placement of your stone if you feel it is having the opposite effect.


Tourmaline Crystal

Black Tourmaline is very grounding and protective stone that will help to dispel any negative thoughts and energy keeping you awake at night. This stone can cleanse the aura while you sleep as well as help bring a calming and deeply relaxing vibration to help you fall asleep faster. Tourmaline is also useful in removing anxiety and unease making this is a great choice if you're feeling stressed before bed.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz Heart

This soothing “love stone” can help to bring calming and peaceful energy to your bedroom. Rose Quartz is a gentle stone that will fill your space with tranquility and can help heal the mind through loving and peaceful vibrations. This is a wonderful crystal to place by your bedside when working on issues dealing with self love or relationships.


Lepidolite Crystal Slab

Naturally infused with Lithium, an element used in medications for depression, anxiety, and mood swings, this stone brings energy of relaxation to those who have insomnia and trouble falling asleep. Lepidolite can help to calm an overactive mind, allowing the body to follow and help you to drift to sleep easier. This naturally calming and sedative stone is also associated with the third eye and can have an effect on dreaming.


Small Selenite Stone Tower

This beautiful glowing stone is named after the Greek goddess of the moon, Selene. The gentle and cleansing energy of this crystal is great for clearing negative thoughts and putting your mind at ease before bed. Place a piece of Selenite under your pillow or on your nightstand to help bring calm and peace to the space around you. 


Large Amethyst Crystal Point

Known for its relaxing properties, Amethyst is an excellent stone to reduce stress and anxiety to help you fall into that deep state of sleep our body needs to feel rested. This purple stone is also wonderful for providing energy protection throughout the night and can help keep nightmares at bay. Though this stone provides a calming energy, Amethyst is strongly connected to the third eye and subconscious mind, and may have the opposite effect for some, causing restlessness and intense dreams. It is best to experiment and see what works best for you.


Howlite Crystal Heart

Howlite is a natural relaxer and stress relieving stone and can help anyone struggling with insomnia. This white stone absorbs negative energy and replaces it with a peaceful and soothing energy. It is also useful when dealing with turbulent emotions like anger, nervousness, and tension, bringing an inner calmness, making it easier to slip off to restful sleep.

How to Use your Stone for Sleep

Next time you’re having difficultly sleeping at night, slip one of these crystals under your pillow or on your nightstand and see which one works best for you! As always, use your own intuitive judgement, if you feel like a stone is not working for you, experiment with it's placement.


  • Avoid High energy stones such as Clear Quartz, Carnelian and Citrine 
  • Remember to cleanse your stones every so often to help them with providing the best quality vibrations for the most benefit.
  • Avoid sharply pointed shapes.
  • Try not to combine too many stones as their energies may keep your awake
  • Avoid very large stones placed near the bed


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