The Best Crystals for Focus, Concentration, & Clarity of the Mind


Clear Crystal Ball

Having a clear mind can drastically improve the quality of your everyday life whether at home, work, or school.  Decision making is easier, thoughts seem less scattered, and ideas may flow. Your intuition might become stronger, your attention span heightened, and your ability to stay on task will be increased. However, a cluttered mind can result in a chaotic life. There might seem to be more problems than solutions, feelings of anxiety or confusion, clouded judgement, or you may notice you are making mistakes more frequently. Stress is a major factor in the lack of focus and clarity, as it impairs cognitive ability and reasoning. The mind-body connection works in harmony and by reducing stress, you may find you feel much more balanced and at ease, therefore affecting your mental state as well.

Crystals are wonderful tools that can be used to achieve mental focus, concentration, and clarity of thought. By interacting with your stone, you can benefit from its unique energetic vibration that can assist in calming the mind and channeling energy to promote clearer insight. Below are some of the best stones useful for studying and memorization, problem solving, creative projects, better productivity, and being able to think more clearly in general.

Types of Crystals for Mental Focus and Clarity


Fluorite Points

  • Excellent stone for learning & study
  • Can help to overcome disorganization
  • Clears any negative energy and stress
  • Improves your attention span
  • Heightens mental abilities and aids in concentration
  • Grounds energy


Clear Quartz Point

  • Can be programmed with any intention
  • Known for keeping distractions away and purifying the mind
  • Great stone for studying, as it helps improve mental focus
  • Aids in concentration and retaining information 
  • Raises energy and aligns all chakras 
  • Excellent for clearing energy blockages


Hematite Crystal Rings

  • Assists in removing any negativity from your thoughts and emotions
  • Grounds energy to the earth
  • Balancing to mind, body, & spirit
  • Stimulates concentration & focus
  • Useful for study as it enhances the memory
  • Known as a protective stone
  • Helps increase confidence

Tiger’s Eye

Polished Tigers Eye Stone

  • Releases fear and helps in decision making
  • Aids in concentration and focus.
  • Filters mental distractions
  • Calms anxiety and stress
  • Helps to clarify your intention
  • Steers you towards accomplishing goals
  • Brings grounding energy to those who feel spaced out
  • Brings clarity to scattered thoughts


Raw Orange Calcite Crystal Chunks

  • Promotes confidence in decision making.
  • Energy cleansing and removes energy blockages within the body.
  • Amplifier for creativity.
  • Can provide high energy for motivation and combating laziness
  • Helps with retaining information and enhances memory
  • Calming to the mind


Sodalite Crystal Egg

  • Helps to combine logic and intuition
  • Brings balance to emotions
  • Calms and clears the mind 
  • Creates space for new insights
  • Eliminates mental distractions 
  • Promotes organization of thoughts

How to Use Your Healing Stones

For you to fully experience the benefits of these crystals you should connect with them often.  Wear them as jewelry, keep them in your pocket or purse, or place them around your home. You can also meditate with these stones and use them for healing sessions. 

For more crystals that can help with calming the mind, check out our selection of stones in our shop section: Intention Stones for Clarity 

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